Short Courses

Need targeted employee training? Short courses can be delivered at your location. Courses can be developed and delivered in collaboration with corporate experts to ensure critical content is covered.

Vehicle powertrain hybridization is a critical step on the pathway to sustainable transportation. Hybrid powertrain systems are able to realize improvements in efficiency through strategic energy management principals. Although effective, these systems bring a significant degree of complexity to the vehicle development process, and engineers must be familiar with the operation of systems outside their core area of expertise. Our introductory course treats the vehicle as a series of energy conversion processes. The course relies on a mix of lecture, hands-on experimentation using production and one-half scale configurable Hybrid Vehicles and a complete powertrain test cell. Participants learn the basic operating principals governing all major hybrid vehicle subsystems before using commercial vehicle modeling software and an operational vehicle property to optimize the performance of a configurable hybrid electric vehicle. Click here to learn more about the Mobile Lab and the short courses offered.


  • HEV safety & architecture
  • Drive cycles & experimental techniques
  • Fuel economy & emissions regulations
  • Aerodynamics & rolling resistance
  • Batteries
  • Engines
  • Electric machines & power electronics
  • Embedded controls
  • Systems integration
  • Vehicle modeling
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  • Faculty
  • Industry
  • Fuel
  • Combustion
  • Battery
  • Grid
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