Collaborate with teams of undergraduate and graduate students to refine or generate new concepts. Gain access to high-performing students from a wide range of disciplines and leverage their fresh, outside viewpoints.

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Gain access to world-class research faculty to design effective test plans and interpret complex data. Leverage our faculty to gain expertise in energy conversion, storage, combustion, and controls to optimize your product design.

Dr. Jeff Naber 

Dr. Naber came to Michigan Tech in August of 2004. Prior to joining the faculty at Michigan Tech, he worked in the automotive industry on R&D of engine-management-systems for gasoline and diesel engines. He also worked at Sandia National Laboratories, investigating sprays and combustion processes of diesel, natural gas, and hydrogen engines utilizing laser based diagnostics. He and fellow colleagues direct the Advanced Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory (AICE Lab) at the Michigan Tech. His research interests include IC engines and after-treatment and the development and application of advanced experimental techniques, signal processing technologies, theoretical models, and embedded control to characterize the thermo-physical processes. Learn more here.

Jeremy Worm

Prior to graduating from Michigan Tech with a BSME in 1999, Jeremy worked as an engineering intern at Detroit Diesel Corporation and Cummins Engine Company. He was also an active member of the Michigan Tech FutureCar team where he helped integrate an IC engine into a Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Upon graduation, he went to work for General Motors powertrain division. While at GM, Jeremy worked as an in-vehicle combustion system development engineer. He also was a lead development and calibration engineer for a new small block engine to be installed in GM’s 2-mode hybrid electric Chevy Tahoe. Later he went on to be a design release engineer in the advanced propulsion systems group where his focus was on advanced and alternative variable valve timing strategies. During his time at GM, Jeremy also co-authored and co-lectured a seminar on the effects of variable valve timing on IC engine combustion, and in 2003 received his Professional Engineers license. In 2007 Jeremy joined the team at Michigan Tech as a research engineer in the Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics department supporting the Advanced Power Systems Research Center. Learn more here

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